Monday, March 14, 2011

A Raven in the Desert

I move around a lot, I love it.  I have wandering feet, always anxious for the next trail.  Even when I am still I am constantly moving through daydreams and different worlds.  I have found something to love in each place I have stayed, I have adapted and made each place my own. I have left my mark. I call each place home yet no place home.

I have been living in deserts, in one form or another, almost my entire life.  The desert winds blow through me and the warm air is what lifts my wings.  My feet may stray but I always return to my open skies, craggy mountains, and the magic that is the desert.

I have tried to describe my love of the desert; the feelings it evokes.  I keep trying to quantify and qualify what the desert is and I have finally realized it defies description (doesn't mean that I will stop trying though).

The desert welcomed me back last year and hopefully I will stay for awhile yet (at least until my soul yearns to wander).