Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Discipline, Distraction and Determination

Discipline is probably one of the hardest things for me to grasp, I am capable of great discipline but I am also tend towards distractions.  Even as I am writing this I have to work hard to not let my self..."Oh, what was that noise?"...get distracted.  For me, discipline is not lack of distraction, it is the acknowledgment of it and the determination to get back on track.

I have had to work on acknowledging and moving past distraction my whole life.  Unless I am working on something I really enjoy (it's not work then actually), I am easily distracted.  I was living in my own little world, daydreaming when I should be listening to the teacher, doodling during lectures, reading ahead in the text book.  It is something that I will never be rid of, and I wouldn't want to be rid of it.   I have just learned to work with it, through determination and a convoluted sort of discipline.

Instead of becoming discouraged at my inability to escape being distracted, I let everything that distracts me to run in the background, the simple acknowledgement of my distraction allows me to get past it.  I work on it everyday and I find that even if I am not 100% focused according to others, I am as efficient and focused as I can be.  I don't see being easily distracted as a limitation, some of my best ideas are from the path that distraction takes me, but I do understand the need for discipline and have worked to make it a major part of my life.

I'm participating in the  A to Z Blogging Challenge.  Tomorrow is E for....


  1. I get easily distracted too when trying to do my college work or just revise, especially if I'm using my laptop to do work from. I will start writing a history essay and ten minutes later checking out Twitter or something like that.

  2. Don't tell anyone, but it's one of the key reasons why I listen to music when I write. The part of my brain that's easily distracted gets... um... distracted by the music and doesn't interrupt the writing part of my brain. It sounds much more complicated than it... oooo... something shiny... lol

  3. Now I know why we get along so well, my sister. I think I have the same "disease":)

  4. I've heard (and adopted) that the more focused you are, the more difficult it is to open your self/mind/awareness. Perhaps those who have easily distracted minds are just those who stay aware of things as they come and have the easiest time with change and transitions.