Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love, Like and Lust

My mother and I talked about love and life over a glass of wine last night as we were enjoying a beautiful Tucson sunset.  It is a common topic for us, we are constantly defining and redefining our beliefs on those topics.  I realized last night that when I thought of love I had been not giving myself enough credit.  To give this a little context my conversations about love with my mother also tend to deal with my single state (I like being single and she likes to tease me), I told my mother that I didn't think I was capable of love.  My mother called me on it (because that is what she does), she said "What about _____, you love her and what about ______ you love him right?"  I nodded slowly and realized that I have people that I Love and Love without reservation.  I was shocked that I thought so little of myself to believe that I wasn't loving people or that I wasn't capable of it.  My mother and I then went on to other topics and spent the evening laughing and loving each other.

Our language is so limited in what it means to love and we get so wrapped up in what we think love is supposed to be that we forget that we are living it.  We have mistreated the word love and made it less than it is.  Love is not like, love is not lust.  Love (not like or lust) is without reservations, it holds no grudges, it accepts and holds dear those faults and foibles that we are all capable of.  Love is strong, like and lust not so much.


  1. Excellent Blog Kelly!! Ps I love you!!! :)

  2. Lovely. I live in the desert next door to yours - Albuquerque, NM. Just stopping by on the a-z challenge tour.

  3. A simple and profound reminder of the great power that Love has...I enjoy reading 'you'! :)

  4. What a neat moment between you and your mom. Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. I think you've got it down perfectly.

    Love is kind, love is gentle.

    It forgives, sustains, survives.

    L/Your Library: A Tale Not Told In Books

  6. Jeffrey, Thanks. I spend a lot of time with my mom so I'm sure there will be more. :)

    Joe, I've been going through your blog, it is fantastic!

    Angela, thank you.