Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eschatology or the End of the World

Why do we want to believe in end times?  Is it to try to make the vagaries and whims of nature make sense?  With the amount of natural and man made disasters going on, it seems the logical conclusion that the world is going to end.  This belief is called eschatology.

Eschatology is the theological belief that concerns the end of the world.  Many different religious systems believe in the end times or the end of days.  The end of the world has fascinated and horrified civilization for thousands of years.  We see the end of the world around every corner, it has been prophesied and anticipated, even Jesus believed that he or his followers would live to see the end of the world.  Jesus, through John the Baptist, was part of Apocalyptic Judaism and believed that the end of the world and the coming of the Kingdom of God was imminent.

Many religions or philosophies have views on eschatology; for some it is a transition from an old cycle to a new one, for some it is truly the end or just the end of life as we know it.  Our current fixation is on the Mayan calendar and the end of the world predicted by some to be this coming year in 2012.  An interesting fact about the Mayan calendar is that it has ended 12 times, this will just be the thirteenth.  Does it mean the world is going to end, or that there is going to be a cosmic shift?  Probably not.  Is the world or civilization as we know it going to end?  Most likely, unless we take responsibility and transition to become resilient communities (there is that word again).  I'm not saying to go back to homesteading times, because that is not for everyone, but to be conscious of the effect that you have on the world and what you can do to minimize the harmful effects and maximize the positive ones.

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