Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hands-Helping, Harming and Everything Inbetween

I will admit it, I have a fascination with hands.  I believe a persons hands, sometimes even more than their eyes, tell a lot about who they are.  Hands are the tools that we use to shape our world.  They carry out the potential that is in our minds.

Because hands are our tools they are a way of accomplishing our needs and desires.  They have the potential to harm or help, to heal or hurt.  Our hands can help us achieve our dreams and help others achieve theirs.   Our hands can offer comfort and affection.  Or they can destroy, they can hit and lash out at others, they can take and not give.  What are you going to do with your hands today?

Take a day to watch people's hands.  What can you figure out about them that they may not seem.  Hands can tell a lot of secrets, they can tell of hobbies, of emotion, of physical state.  Hands come in a variety of shapes, is there an observable trend in how people with a certain hand shape behave?  What do you notice about a persons hands?

The first thing I tend to notice is movement.  I have often been surprised by what someone's hands are telling me as opposed to their voice.  I was talking with a friend, his voice was sounded happy and his eyes were bright, but the tension in his hands told otherwise.  He was angry.  After noticing his hands clench and whiten several times, I gathered up the courage to ask him what was wrong.  After a moment he told me that I had said something to hurt his feelings, I apologized and we moved on.  It was an enlightening experience.


  1. Wow! Now I'm going to be looking at hands more often:) Great words!

  2. Interesting posts. Hands are also a difficult thing to draw. Even at rest in figure drawing. Never could get them to look right. Some people find my hands amusing because they are so much smaller than their own. If they can bend their fingers down over my own, they laugh.