Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kelly (That's Me!)

What is in a name?  Are we defined by their meanings?

My name is Kelly, it is of Irish origin and can mean strife, war or bright headed.  I was actually supposed to be named Lindsay Marie, don't ask, I don't know what my mom was thinking (no offense to all the Lindsay Maries out there, I like the name Lindsay but it doesn't suit me at all).  Right after I was born, when they asked what I was to be named my mother said "Kelly Suzanne".  I believe it was fate (or kismet if you would like another K word thrown in) that my mother changed her mind.  Kelly definitely suits me better than Lindsay ever would have.

I know that strife and war are not particularly positive words and they definitely are not ones that one would want to describe their child with, but I like to look at the meanings in a different light.  Strife usually means discord or angry/violent struggle, but its archaic definition is striving and I am striving constantly.  I am striving to be the best me I can be.  War can mean so many things, but it basically boils down to conflict.  Conflict is what drives us, for good or for ill.

I have made my name my own, it is a part of me and I guess it was meant to be.

How do you feel about your own name?


  1. Hey Kelly! I'm Alex, and I like my name. The shortened version anyway. Hope you're enjoying the Challenge!

  2. My name is pretty common, but comfortable. There are 8 people with my name in my state alone.

    But when you tack the III at the end, well, it's not so common then. And even less so my son's name, which is my first/middle/last with a IV after it.

    Seems like we should be ruling fiefdoms somewhere...

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